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Luxuriously creamy blue cheese made with milk from classy Yorkshire cows
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Harrogate Blue is soft, luxuriously creamy and blue-veined, delivering a mellow blue flavour with a hint of pepper to finish.

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Also from...

....Sainsbury's (in Otley).
Exquisite cheese with none of the sharp 'catches' often found in blue cheese

Brilliant Cheese

Brilliant cheese can only seem to buy it from Morrisons which is a shame as it is the best cheese I have ever eaten. Love it.


Brilliant tasty cheese made for any crackers or on it's own.

Simply the Best

Tried this at a trade show years ago at Harrogate. A very creamy tasty blue cheese, so good that you should put it on your 'bucket list' to try

No Idea

Cor!! could eat it until it comes out of my ears

Harrogate Blue

My neighbour brought me 3 cheeses round at the beginning of December, I saved them till Christmas Day evening OH my word ! I'm a big lover of cheese but this is one of the nicest blue cheeses I have ever tasted ....... a must buy in the future ... delicious !!

What a surprise...

Some friends bought us a cheese box as our wedding present, so for 6 months we had new interesting cheeses. The Harrogate Blue stood out as the best one, so delicate creamy we ate it in one night!

Beautiful cheese

The best i have ever tasted. 100% pleasure.

Beautiful cheese

The best i have ever tasted. 100% pleasure.

The Yorkshire cheese to rival stilton

What an utterly smooth and creamy Blue Vein cheese no harshesness from the veins ,just cut it and eat it on it,s own dont corrupt it with anything else,other than a fine Yorkshire Ale. I,m from down south by the way.

creamy Blue cheese

Tasted this product when Trading Manager at Costcutter, stunningly creamy light blue cheese.

The Best

Nothing like I ever eat before. Delicious

6 weeks to wait

until mine is ready to eat as it's been smoked.
It was the fault of the Wensleydale creamery selling the rarely produced smoked blue that got me so addicted I brought a smoker to produce my own and now look out for different blue cheeses to home smoke.
I will have to pop into Morrisons to pick up some more as the taste I got from the crumbs when slicing it were lovely.


This cheese is phenomenal, nothing even comes close! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Harrogate Blue

This cheese caught my eye in Morrison's so thought I'd buy some, I'm pleased I did it's delicious. Lovely and creamy with a nice after taste will have to go and get some more, can highly recommend this cheese so glad I bought it.


Lovely fresh creamy taste

Joy on a train

I was handed a plate containing this wonderful cheese. Just the right amount of tanginess but with a beautiful creamy edge. A good way to finish a long day!

Joy on a train

I was handed a plate containing this wonderful cheese. Just the right amount of tanginess but with a beautiful creamy edge. A good way to finish a long day!

True blue diamond

Was over in Harrogate last week at the West Park Hotel for lunch.
This cheese was used in the starter of poached pear with pecan nuts. The taste was truly amazing creamy soft and abundant flavour. Instead of a sweet desert we opted for the cheese board which had this little gem on board. It left the other cheeses in the dark as we both grappled for of the Harrogate blue.
We asked the chef how we could get our hands on some, he told us to try the deli. We didn't have time to go but now I've found you on line please expect a regular order.

What a find!

Tasted this cheese at a celebration lunch at Midsummer House in Cambridge. Absolutely loved it, so now we're going to buy it for home! Delicious,strong but creamy and sweet.

Please sir, can I have some more...

Bought this cheese on impulse and it's sublime, even my son in law 'the cheese connoisseur' is well impressed. Can't get enough!

simply addictive

I recently tried this cheese and wow its scrummy and very more ish!!! if only I had some in the fridge now!!!

What a Super Cheese

Picked up some Harrogate Blue at Morrisons, because it looked good. By gum it tastes good. Label says its strength 3, not 4, but its lovely, soft and tasty.

Just utterly yummy!!!

We got some at Christmas and I am completely addicted. It has the strength I love but is so beautifully creamy and nutty, with a gorgeous texture, you don't need anything to accompany it, though it really lends itself to being eaten with a crisp apple. Gorgeous.

absolutely fabulous ! Harrogate Blue

I fell in love with this fabulous cheese when it was served on a cheeseboard in a hotel restaurant. in Harrogate. For a blue cheese it is just so creamy,mild and very, very tasty.
I stocked up at the Good Food Show but wish I had bought ten times more because all my friends love it as well.

One of the best cheeses I've ever had

Tasted this cheese for the first time yesterday at the Good Food Show in Birmingham. Absolutely stunning cheese! Creamy and smooth, but yet it also has that gorgeous blue taste in the background. Bought a £3 piece of blue together with same size white. Wish I'd bought more ....

Harrogate blue

Well it has to be said I do not like blue cheese but on a recent visit to Pateley Bridge a friend suggested I try it and to my surprise I loved it. So I am now converted to Harrogate blue, absolutely yummy. It is so light and creamy. I am now trying to find a local stockist in Leeds. My advice is if you find it, try it.

Delicious blue best ever

I had this very tasty cheese at The Spa Hotel on New Years Eve and loved it. Creams and very tasty.
My only regret is that I live in Spain and so it has to be a holiday treat when I visit the U K.

Harrogate Blue

Bought this cheese for the first time today from a lovely cheese shop in Scarborough, It is the most smooth creamy cheese i have ever had . Beautiful and now a regular buy.

The finest, most delicious blue I've ever tasted

I buy Harrogate Blue on the market in Barnoldswick from Hartley's cheese stall. The very first time I tasted it was love - it's utterly delicious. It goes extremely well with Cabernet Sauvignon, but doesn't need a vehicle like a cheese biscuit. Be a heathen - eat it from the blade of a knife. You won't regret it!

Harrogate Blue

I got my Harrogate Blue from our local Morrissons

Harrogate Blue

After my recent visit to Yorkshire where I tried harrogate Blue, I have since been looking for it back at home. It's definitely my favourite cheese

Creamy Blue

On a recent visit to N. Yorkshire I saw Harrogate blue on a restaurant menu but regrettably didn't try it then. Thankfully we called in at shop before leaving the area and they had it on the cheese counter. My only regret is that I only bought a small piece. This cheese really is a lovely creamy blue that would grace any cheeseboard.

Fantastic cheese

Beautiful tasting cheese. Whilst staying in harrogate, we ate out at lunchtime, we were served your lovely cheese. One taste and I was hooked. We looked around harrogate for some to take home. Now we need to get more for our Xmas fix!!! Thanks to online ordering...

From York to Sussex

Complete winner, enough said !

Long way to go to get it again, thank goodness for the Internet!

Simply the best

I had my first taste of Harrogate Blue today, having bought some from a new cheese stall on Barnoldswick Market. What an absolute delight! This has to be the best blue cheese I've tasted in a long, long time. Cracked Black Pepper biscuits, no butter, just coated in Harrogate Blue, and a glass of Kooliburra Shiraz Cabernet - a marriage made in heaven! Thank you Judy - I think I love you!

Harrogate Blue

Fantastic cheese. First time i've had it and it's one of the best Blues i've ever tasted.
As i am from Stockton it's good to know such good cheese is produced so close to home.

Harrogate blue

Without a doubt harrogate blue is one of the finest cheeses i have ever tasted

A beautiful Cheese!

This cheese is incredible. One of my favorite cheeses. It was suggested I try it accompanied with a dark chocolate digestive biscuit - an unbelievable tasting experience and one I would highly recommend. This cheese is so creamy it literally melts in the mouth...beautiful!

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2014 British Cheese Awards (gold)
2013 Great Taste Awards (2 stars)
2012 Global Cheese Awards (gold)

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We mature our Harrogate Blue for a minimum of 10 weeks. This is the optimum time for the cheese to develop exactly the right depth of flavour and creaminess. A hit from day one, Harrogate Blue won its first award just two weeks after launch in 2012, and was the first cheese co-produced by Katy and Caroline (Judy's daughters) after taking over the running of the dairy. It’s since scooped two golds at the Global Cheese Awards and in 2017 it won a Super Gold and was judged to be the 11th best cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards in London. Taste it to find out for yourself.

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