Judy Bell - Founder of Shepherds Purse
Judy Bell - Founder of Shepherds Purse

How to serve cheese

Many people simply go to the fridge and tuck straight in, this really is a big no, no – you will be missing out on all the wonderful flavours and textures that the cheese has to offer.

To experience its true taste, you really should leave it out at room temperature for at least 20 minutes, and 40 minutes would be even better!


Cheese is best experienced with a crusty bread, plain water biscuits or oatcakes; which don't overpower the flavour.

But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on some exiting accompaniments: why not try dates, figs, grapes, or strawberries. And then there’s a whole range of wholesome chutneys and preserves that make great partners too!

Taste the difference!

For the more adventurous, here's a couple of ideas for serving blue cheese: a cube of cheese drizzled with a good quality blossom honey is simply delicious, or try a small cube of blue cheese with a square of chocolate – an unusual and surprisingly great combination of flavours!

Blue cheese with honey and walnuts Blue cheese with honey and walnuts