Mediterranean salad style cheese made with milk from lovely English ewes
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Yorkshire Fettle is a distinctively creamy cheese combining a soft, slightly crumbly texture with a sweet piquant flavour.

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Best thing to come out of Yorkshire!

Can I give it more than 5 stars? I just love the delicate creamy, smooth flavour with it's unique subtle hint of lemon. Anyone who has had other sheep cheeses, forget the sharp, strong tang. This cheese is glorious, almost like eating a firm, lemon cheesecake. I can't find anyone in my part of the West Midlands who stock it. Your website gives 2; neither of whom has it. I haven't been able to buy Fettle in nearly a year. So sad.


Absolutely delicious! Not too salty. Full rounded flavour. Love it.

Fine Fettle (Booths)

First time I’ve ever tried this style of cheese and I loved it, from as soon as it hits the mouth the flavour is there full on, and if you can bear it let it linger in the mouth you’ll be rewarded with a smooth creamy melt in the mouth buzz, I can’t wait to try some with a nice glass of Red to compliment.

Good Fresh Cheese

Description matches a decent tang but a crumbly texture reminds me of an a greek Feta a good cheese suited to salads or eating with bread or crackers.

Yorkshire show find!

Amazing cheese that the kids love as well as us! Creamy yet as fresh as a feta. Delicious!

Fine Fettle Indeed!

Buy this every year from the Yorkshire Show and have now got the ramily hooked! My mum loves it! (Normally she dosent like fetta) bought a few wheels all to herslf this year!
Thank you Shepherds Purse!

Yorkshire fettle cheese

Superb. Delicious take on Greek feta. Difficult to find though

Fine Fettle

Saw this cheese in Booths in Barrowford. Thought it looked interesting. Bought it and tried it with biscuits. Amazing! A cross between crumbly Lancashire and Feta!

In very good fettle

Superb cheese ,found it at the Yorkshire show,what a find

Well fettled

Tried - and bought - this at the Good Food Show in Harrogate yesterday. Magnificent.

What a fine fettle!

My cousin visited from Yorkshire and, knowing I'm allergic to cow's milk, brought me a half moon of Fettle as a treat. What a find! For the first time I ate and enjoyed this style of cheese with absolutely no reaction except pleasure! Most of the feta cheeses I have tried seem to have undeclared cow's milk which makes me itch for days.

So Yummy!

Decided to give this a try and added it to my order last week. Just as described and even better. A great option to feta, it is a really good salad cheese or any place you'd use feta. Nice on the cheeseboard and will be ordering again soon. Perfect summer cheese for a nice day out.

Best Feta I've Ever Tasted!

Tried this today at Harrogate Fine Food Show ... So good we went straight to the nearest retailer (Fodder, Harrogate) to buy some to take home!

Definitely in stocking it at our Cafe .....

Worth going non-local for

I live in Sussex and so I only buy Sussex cheeses - EXCEPT for your completely moreish Fine Fettle. This beats any feta that I've tasted - characterful but delicate, not too salty, irresistible texture. I cut it up to put in salads but a fair amount gets eaten by the cook..... Totally delicious

Fine Fettle

If you're a cheesophile, nerd or a geek,
And it's a soft piquant cheese that you seek,
There's no need to buy Feta
Yorkshire Fettle's much better,
There's really no need to go Greek!

Yorkshire Fettle

Just wanted to say I'm so impressed with your Fettle! Better in my cooking and salads etc than other fetas' I was previously using.
If it doesn't sound too patronising - well done!


so so good

Im a huge fan of feta style cheese and this one from Yorkshire is unbelievable I live in the newcastle area just north of Yorkshire and I can't believe a cheese this good is made less than 100 miles away


Smooth, creamy with a slight tang. Its less salty than feta cheese. Delightful :)

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2014 British Cheese Awards (gold)
2013 Great Taste Awards (2 stars)
2012 Global Cheese Awards (gold)

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This is Yorkshire's version of feta. Made with whole ewes’ milk, we handmake and hand-salt each cheese to encourage the piquant, lemony flavour and slightly crumbly texture. Matured over a minimum of two weeks, the salt infuses the whole cheese. We then hand-wax each truckle to lock in the fresh flavour and creamy texture. Originally called Yorkshire Feta, we renamed it Yorkshire Fettle in 2008 due to Greece being awarded the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). This was Judy Bell’s very first cheese, produced in 1989. It’s won international awards, and was featured on Paul Hollywood's BBC One cooking program, Pies & Puds.

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