Soft and creamy blue cheese made with milk from proud Yorkshire cows

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Yorkshire Blue is mild, soft, creamy and blue veined. Made from Yorkshire cows’ milk, this wonderful cheese is sweet and buttery with no sharp bite.

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Amazing cheese

This is the best cheese I’ve ever tasted it’s so delicious and moreish I’m taking weekly trips to buy

Yorkshire blue

Bloody lovely.....60 yr old bloke. Have had over the years loads of blue cheese. 100 per cent first time taste of Yorkshire blue courtesy of Morrisons.....gorgeous.


I absolutely love this cheese definitely my all time favourite. Hard to get hold of in Leeds though unfortunately, Morrison’s sold out a lot of the time and Harvey Nichols have stopped selling it , great to know I can buy through your website now !

What a find !!

The best cheese I have ever eaten and I've been eating cheese for 60 years

Absolutely delicious

Got this cheese 3 weeks ago to tempt my husband's taste buds following severe illness He loves it. It is his favorite lunch treat.

After dinner cheese selection

Went to a friends house for dinner and the cheese platter had Yorkshire blue. It went down very well. All people at dinner were asking about the cheese and how nice it tasted

Scrumptious - simply the best

Yorkshire Blue cheese is, in the opinion of both me and my husband, the best cheese we have ever tasted. We like cheese from all over the world but always come back to Yorkshire Blue with its creamy texture and scrumptious flavour. We love it, love it, love it!!

An absolute hit!

Picked up a piece of this cheese totally at random at the supermarket, and served as part of a buffet at a party. It was an absolute hit, with many people requesting the name of this and where to purchase. A truly astounding and surprising product. A favourite for life.


Just had our first pack of Yorkshire Blue - it definitely won't be the last! Lovely tasting cheese, we were very impressed indeed.

My favourite lunch

Because he loved it, a friend bought me this cheese to try, and now, with pears, it's my favourite lunch. (AND I'm a Yorkshire girl exiled in Cambridge).


i adore this cheese, and iused to buy it every week from my local tesco,then 2 weeks befor xmas they told me they wernt stocking it any more,and a friend of mine thought he was getting some for xmas which i had to dissapoint i love blue cheese, but this is the best ive ever had,cant wait for my delivery thank you


I was given a quarter of this cheese as a did not disappoint!! absolutely beautiful, full of flavour...I have now ordered my parents the gift set with all the blues in because I'm absolutely certain that every cheese from Shepherds Purse will be just as amazing and when this is gone, ill be treating myself to a few more!

The Perfect Pinch.

Smooth, creamy, perfect amount of pinch to it. Gives a good shock of blue favour without overpowering. Wonderful cheese.

Yorkshire Blue

A fantastic blue cheese, my weekly treat with a glass of wine, friends that say they not keen on blue cheese try-it and love it.
Very creamy and smooth also very constantly good quality, summer and winter, many other blue cheeses drop in quality during winter, but not thankfully Yorkshire Blue,.
Thanks everyone for a fantastic cheese.

Thank god I married a Yorkshire girl.

I live in Cheshire but married a Yorkshire girl 10 years ago as a result of which I discovered Yorkshire Blue. Best cheese I have ever tasted. Very creamy and less acidic than Stilton. In a class of its own.

I don't like blue cheese!

Well I thought I didn't until I tried Yorkshire Blue! Had it with a ploughman's lunch and thought it was delicious. Very mild and creamy. I will definitely be buying some for home


I bought a pack of this cheese at Beaconsfield Farmers Market, and can honestly say it is one of the best cheeses I have ever eaten. Lovely and creamy, with a scrumptious flavour and very more-ish.
It's not often I buy something like this again once I've tried it, but I hung onto the business card and am about to place my first online order for some more.
Ps. Try putting some into a home steak pie before cooking - heaven!

wonderful texture

Daughter's boyfriend brought this with him for Christmas. The best cheese on the board - he can come again!

Yorkshire blue

A taste of home at last in the North East of Scotland. You keep the cows coming home and I will keep on eating it, brilliant as always. Thank you!

Really lovely blue cheese

This is a really lovely blue cheese. I thought I didn't like blue cheese but i LOVE this!

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2012 Great Taste Awards (Gold - 2 stars)
2011 British Cheese Awards (silver)
2010 World Cheese Awards (gold)

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Our multi-award-winning Yorkshire Blue is handmade and matured over eight weeks. Each week, we turn each individual cheese by hand, which achieves the lovely blue veining and smooth texture. Buttery, sweet and mild, it makes an ideal introduction to blue cheese. With age, the flavour deepens and becomes more complex without compromising the mild creaminess that’s helped make it a national favourite. Launched in 1995, Yorkshire Blue was our first blue cheese, our first cheese made from cow’s milk, and the first blue cheese to be made in Yorkshire for 30 years

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