Delicate cheese made with Yorkshire lavender and milk from affable English ewes
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Katy’s White Lavender is matured in Yorkshire Lavender. Combined with the meadowy sweetness of ewes’ milk, this delicately fragrant cheese is a genuine taste sensation. If you want to spark a conversation around the cheeseboard, pick this.

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Beautiful Cheese

My husband and I were in the area of Chatsworth House for my mother in law's birthday and it was a beautiful day so we stopped to have a walk and stopped into the amazing farm shop where they stock (not sure if they still do) this amazing lavender cheese.

With lavender often things can either be far too strong or hardly noticeable. With Katy's White Lavender I found a perfect balance of both strength of cheese and the lavender. It's a favourite on my cheese boards as it's unexpected but always loved, chopped into cubes to pick at while reading outdoors on a nice summer day with a glass of chilled white wine is also a nice and simple indulgence. And, it is GREAT in a salad. It's a beautiful cheese and the options for its use are limitless as my husband has found with his kitchen experiments.

Most unusual and also wonderful!

Best chees I have ever tasted , I wish I could buy it locally!

Lavender cheese!

Tried this cheese for the first time today, on a whim - it tasted divine and I wish I had bought more than the 75g I had.
Lavender taste is a perfect combo with the crumbly creaminess of the ewe's milk cheese. Thank you!

Heaven from Yorkshire

I recently stumbled across your cheese at my favourite farm shop Keelham. I am a huge fan of lavender and have never tried a lavender cheese until today! It is delicious and as the added delicate sweet taste of lavender and smells divine.
Highly recommend this cheese.Cant wait to go and get some more! It's heavenly in your mouth x

Lavender cheese

Absolutely gorgeous fine crumbly texture cheese, really adored it. Thank you

Lavender taste in the cheese is Wonderful

I use to buy this often. Sadly it is no longer stocked at the chatsworth farm shop.

More stockists please !

An excellent cheese I first tried in Booths Scotforth Lancaster - then i moved away to Scotland. To my delight, I tried this cheese again this summer at the Black Horse pub in Whitby. Moved back to Lancaster a couple of months ago and am informed by Booths that they no longer stock Katy's White !! Aaghr, so hard to get this wonderful cheese.

Divine Bliss

In 2013 when down near Chatsworth House to celebrate my mother in law's birthday, my husband and I wandered into the Chatsworth House farm shop/deli to see what we could find. We love gourmet shops so we were in heaven. It was there I noticed the Lavender cheese and was instantly intrigued. We bought a truckle and on the road trip back home up to Scotland I nearly ate the whole thing. It was simply beautiful.

The delicate but at the same time not so shy lavender just lingers on you taste buds enough to make you want more. Just lovely. Since then I have been pleased to find you can ship it up to us and when I put it out with oatcakes on a cheeseboard it never disappoints. Beautiful cheese, I'm now searching for more ways to use it in cooking. I've also ordered a good amount to share with family members coming up to visit.


Smooth, delicious, delicately aromatic.

Beautiful with cranberry & walnut loaf from cottage bakery. We suspect it will complement rough oatcakes very well too.

In fact a truckle of this, some oatcakes & a Yorkshire ale of some kind will be my lunch of choice for watching Le Tour come through Yorkshire.

Your comments would be appreciated

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2005 World Cheese Awards (bronze)

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They thought we were bonkers. Yet the unlikely pairing of cheese and lavender makes a mindblowingly delicious cheese. Made with ewes’ milk, we roll the cheese in dried lavender flowers. Left to mature over a number of weeks, the delicate lavender flavour infuses the creamy, crumbly cheese to stunning effect. It launched in 2003 in collaboration with another famous Yorkshire export, Yorkshire lavender. With its unique balance of flavour, Katy’s White Lavender is fantastic on any cheese board and delightful in salads too.

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