Yorkshire Fettle Messicana Pasta Salad

Yorkshire Fettle Messicana Pasta Salad

  • Instructions
  • Ingredients
    1. Prepare the peppers, deseed and cut each pepper into four, brush with oil and place under a medium heat grill.
    2. Put approx. 2 lt. of water into a pan and bring to the boil, add salt and a dash of oil and then the pasta.
    3. Cook until the pasta is just soft, but still has good body. 
    4. Drain the pasta and rinse under cold water, shake well to remove as much water as possible. 
    5. Drain the sundried tomatoes and the artichoke hearts and cut them into small bite size pieces. 
    6. When the peppers have been cooked and cooled, cut them into bite size pieces 
    7. Cube and crumble the Yorkshire Fettle 
    8. In a large serving bowl assemble the pasta salad, add the pasta, peppers, tomatoes and artichokes and mix them together thoroughly. 
    9. Pour the oil over the salad and season well, and add chopped basil and mix well. 

    Garnish with small sprigs of Basil For a quicker dish all of the antipasti vegetable ingredients can be bought in jars from the supermarket or delicatessen, and once the pasta is cooked it is a very quick salad to put together. Antipasti assorted fungi can be added too. This dish can be served for a light lunch or supper, or it can accompany grilled fish or chicken for a more satisfying meal. A popular light lunchtime dish with the team at Shepherds Purse.

  • 250g Messicani Authentic Italian pasta.

    200g Yorkshire Fettle Cheese.

    1 red pepper.

    1 yellow pepper.

    170g Sundried tomatoes.

    160g Artichoke hearts.

    75ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Freshly ground salt & pepper.

    Fresh Basil.